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  Personal & Business Property Inventory Services for Northern California

 What an Inventory Can Do For You

  Benefits You'll Enjoy

  • Protect Your Investments: Have proof of ownership and value of your personal property readily available for speedy and accurate insurance claims.

  • Enjoy Peace of Mind: With a detailed, professional inventory stored safely outside your home you'll rest easier knowing you're protected.

  • Preserve Your Heritage: Record a permanent legacy for your family and heirs. Document your heirlooms and valuables and the stories behind them.

  • Save Valuable Time: Your time is valuable. Save it for your other priorities and the things you love to do. Let a professional handle the intense work of cataloging your belongings. We're experienced and fully equipped to complete your inventory promptly.

  • Simplify Your Life: You'll have a detailed listing of what you own available when you need it, whether that is for insurance purposes,estate planning, estate valuation, tax issues, moving, legal issues, or other reasons. And, it's simple to update annually!

  Insurance Documentation

  • Provide required documentation of ownership and value:
    In the event of a loss due to fire, theft, burglary or other catastrophe, your insurance company will try to be helpful and cooperative, but they won’t hand you a blank check. It’s up to you to document your losses. Just think how difficult it would be to recall from memory everything you own. An inventory with details, video and digital pictures will provide the required documentation to prove ownership and value of your possessions.
  • Evaluate your personal property coverage:
    Taking inventory will also help you to evaluate whether or not you have enough personal property coverage. For example, do you know what your sub-limits are for jewelry or art within your policy? Your inventory also helps you to identify property that should be “scheduled” on your policy. It gives you a valuable tool for discussing your insurance needs with your agent, and helps you to make informed decisions about your insurance coverage.

  • Settle claims accurately and promptly:
    Insurance companies recommend that you have an inventory. Each year, people lose thousands of dollars worth of belongings through fire, theft or other disasters. Fortunately, many of those loses are insured, but when it comes time to fill out claim forms many things are overlooked if there is no inventory. Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you get your insurance claim settled faster and will give you the documentation you need to verify losses for your income tax return.
  • Maximize your insurance dollars:
    The cost of the inventory is truly minimal relative to the greater amount you will recover with good records in the event of a loss. You pay your insurance premiums each year. Let us help you create the records you need to maximize your insurance dollars in the event you need to make a claim.

  Estate Planning and Settlement

  • Estate Documentation:
    Create a permanent record of your heirlooms and other valuable property with the stories behind them. This legacy will be a comfort to your family and heirs. Narrate your video if you want to.
  • Estate inventory and valuation:
    The inventory process allows you to establish the value of your personal property. This can be an important estate planning tool. In addition,Redwood Home Inventory can conduct objective third-party inventories for estate settlement purposes. We coordinate with Certified Appraisers when necessary.

  Vacation Rental Owners, Landlords and Renters

  • Landlords and Renters both benefit:
    Perhaps you own rental property or a vacation home rental, or you rent a home or apartment. Landlords and renters both benefit from documenting the condition and contents of rental property. Vacation rental property should also be documented and updated annually.
  • Renters should document:
    Renters should also document their personal property for insurance purposes.


  • If you need to file a claim for loss or damage:
    A detailed inventory will be a valuable asset if you need to file a claim with your moving company for loss or damage.
  • Do you need additional insurance before you load up?:
    An inventory of what you are moving with its value and condition documented allows you to determine if you need to purchase additional insurance before the move. Are your "high value items" adequately covered?

  Small Businesses and Workshops

  • Protect your business assets:
    An inventory of your office equipment, workshop tools and machinery, and other business tangible assets documents your investment for insurance, lenders, suppliers, and procurement bids.

  Special Collections

  • Assess value and document collections:
    Whether you collect stamps, coins, dolls, antique tools, firearms or other specialty items, an inventory will help you assess and document the value of your collection.

  Objective Third Party Inventories

  • When you need an objective third party:
    Redwood Home Inventory works with you and your attorney in situations where an uninvolved third party is required to perform a property inventory. Pre-nuptial agreements, divorce and estate settlement situations may require such documentation.

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Personal & Business Property Inventory Services for Northern California

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