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"Dear Sheila,Thank you so much for your help and work on the home inventory. You helped me to do something I should have done years ago, and it feels great to have completed it. I was especially grateful for the professional and thoughtful way that you organized the inventory. I could not have done it without your help. Thanks again. "

Lori Leaf, Ukiah, CA -- August, 2005

"Great service - very professional & at a very reasonable price - everyone should have this done. "

Mendocino, CA -- August, 2005

"Doing a home inventory was on my to-do list for years. When I heard that Sheila was offering this service, I called her right away. I couldn’t be more pleased with what she provided. I am confident that if I sustained a loss to my home, that I can easily claim that loss with a video, photos, and/or receipts. Sheila is professional, thorough, and efficient. The fee she charged was reasonable and the time spent with her was well worth it. I highly recommend her to any home owner. "

Katherine McElwee, Ukiah, CA -- March, 2005

"I knew doing an inventory of our home was a good idea, but I couldn’t have realized just how valuable an exercise this would be until Sheila came in and got to work with us. Now we have a clear picture of the contents of our home, adjustments in our insurance that need to be made, and a real record of everything we own, with all the pertinant information we would need in the event of a loss, big or small. I can’t imagine any household that wouldn’t benefit from this very valuable service. Thanks, Sheila!"

Toby Malina, Navarro, CA -- January, 2005

"We have recently completed an inventory of the contents of our house, Victorian Gardens, located on Highway One near Manchester, California. The inventory, which was done for insurance purposes, included also the various buildings on our property. The inventory was done by Ms. Sheila Leighton, owner of Redwood Home Inventory. Due to the high number and variety of items in our possession (silverware, jewelry, original artwork, etc.) it took Sheila four and a half days to complete her work. She started with a narrated video of the exterior and interior of the buildings and their contents, followed by a detailed database that included hundreds of digital photographs, descriptions of each individual item, its source, date of acquisition, and original and/or replacement value, etc. Her work was invaluable not only for the original purposes, but also
as a legacy to our heirs.

I can testify that the project was carried out and completed in the most professional manner; the professionalism of Ms. Leighton was impressive and my wife and I recommend her services to anyone without any reservation whatsoever. Please feel free to call us at (707)882-2718 should you need additional information."

Luciano Zamboni, M.D., Manchester, CA -- November, 2004

"Sheila Leighton completed a home inventory of my main residence in Ross, CA and my second home in Mendocino, CA. These were both large houses +5,000 square feet with many valuables and antiques. Sheila did an excellent job. She was very professional, highly efficient, and focused on getting the job done. I would recommend Sheila and her service to anyone who wants the peace of mind to know that they have inventoried their belongings and the physical condition of their house.

This is a valuable service that is well worth the price."

Derek Webb, Mendocino & Ross, CA -- November, 2004

"This service is a godsend! Sheila appears with all the necessary equipment and in a few hours, chronicles your possessions in a thorough, professional way. Now I have a record of everything in one place which can be updated by email."

Mary O’Brien, Philo, CA -- July, 2004

"We are always concerned about our property during fire season. When we heard about Redwood Home Inventory we were excited about finally having a way to get our inventory done. We were impressed with the way Sheila guided us through the process with patience and a sense of humor. Our inventory packet was presented to us very promptly. We highly recommend Redwood Home Inventory's services."

Gwyn and Larry Smith, Boonville, CA -- July, 2004

"This is a great service. We were really aware of our vulnerability, especially after the big fires in San Diego where so many people lost so much. You just never know what’s around the next corner. Sheila came to our house well prepared with her cameras and laptop and all the tools she uses. She is well organized, efficient, and focused…it was actually fun doing this! And, she really pushed us to get that safe deposit box. We definitely recommend this service to others. It's well worth it! "

Belinda Pollack & Tim Addington, Comptche , CA – June, 2004


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Personal & Business Property Inventory Services for Northern California

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